Let me introduce myself...


I'm Amanda, I’ve worked in restaurants since I was thirteen while growing up in New Zealand. From my first job at Chocolate Fish Cafe cooking for "Lord of the Rings" celebrities, to working in the finest eating establishments in Wellington, NZ- I gained valuable hands-on experience. In 2004, with my family, we opened Vivo Enoteca Cucina- an award winning wine bar and Italian restaurant. After Vivo, I worked as a personal chef on private jets, mastering the art of cooking at 40,000 ft, and creating dishes from all over the world. My travels landed me in Park City, Utah in 2012, and then expanding to Los Angeles in 2019. 

From creating a delicious dinner party for your friends/family to high end Sundance/film set catering- I love to turn up the heat and get into the kitchen! I'm dedicated to my clients to provide deliciously crafted dishes made from the finest local and organic ingredients. 

Leave the menu planning, shopping, COOKING, and clean-up to me!


Chef Amanda