Chef Amanda Pilkington & Craft Cocktail Maker , Chelsea Nelson from Ritual & Craft, have teamed up to bring you amazing food and craft cocktails for all of your personal and party needs!

Chelsea Nelson is an expert when it comes to cocktail making. With over 10 years experience as a food and cocktail writer and enthusiast, Chelsea is a leader in the cocktail community, especially when it comes to making drinks and educating other cocktail enthusiasts.

For Chelsea the ritual of creating a cocktail is one that brings her a lot of comfort.  For her, the ritual and the craft of building a cocktail is one that not only brings Chelsea back to her center, but at the same time, creates for her a community of amazing people, makers, creators, doers, and laughers.

"It is a ritual I always look forward to. 
It is a ceremony that brings people together. "